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A Bang, a Pop, a Seed, and a PRAYER

I know you’re busy, but take a moment … I’m bursting to tell.

I set a financial goal for Community Blend to end our year strong. But, as the year-end approached, we were way off our mark. It seemed hopeless to hope. Still, I put out our 2022 report with enthusiasm, since we have accomplished so much. And I asked a few people to consider being regular supporters—with next year in mind. Finances aside, I rested in all the love we spread and good we accomplished otherwise.

Then, a week ago I shared the report, including my 2023 goals for funding, with our dedicated prayer team. Putting this year behind, I was looking ahead with hope. BUT …

Today, we are less than $500 away from our goal!!

How did that happen? God wasn’t done.

Our year is ending with a bang. I plan to pop a cork in celebration of our growth in 2022. Yet, a mustard seed of hope lingers in my mind … Will we meet our goal this year? After all, it was a dream and a prayer.

Yes, a prayer. So why not! When I look at all we’ve accomplished in less than a year, I am overwhelmed by God and His goodness. And I’m holding on for the ride ahead. My invitation to you, is to jump on board. We are excited for the future. It represents hope with ...


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