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Our hope is to see a community blend of the finest gifts and talents,

people growing together, side by side.

Coffee with Friends


Community Blend is a 501c3 non-profit organization with a  mission that helps qualified individuals.  Our reach is not limited to the local area. We have, thus far, helped people in eight different states with a variety of needs. 

As a charitable giving organization, we seek to help people in ways that will move them forward. We do not give monthly assistance or help with housing, as many agencies are available that give ongoing assistance. Although we do offer resources for individuals to find the help they need.


Our social well-being mission serves the public interest in a variety of ways, offering programs and classes that educate, uplift, raise awareness and provide service opportunities. We offer a place to belong and the chance to build lifelong friendships through weekly and monthly programs.

Pay it forward gives recipients the opportunity to volunteer at one or more of our events. All services are provided without discrimination of any kind.

Friends Drinking Coffee
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