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A Focus on Missions

Did you know that Community Blend is also a registered charitable giving organization? Near and dear to our hearts is the ability to help people in crisis. The mission branch of CB began even before our cafe was opened. We had the privilege of helping a young woman and her child, who escaped an abusive situation, by providing furniture, clothing, a crib with all the accessories, bedding, toys, delivery and set-up. We left a downtrodden mom, feeling hopeful and loved.

Word of Community Blend's mission is getting out. We've assisted more people in our first quarter than we did all last year. While we help with immediate needs, we also refer clients to agencies that can provide ongoing support. This year we instituted a voluntary pay it forward program--where the assisted can assist-- by helping in the cafe or at one of our programs.

Clientele come to us through several channels; agency referrals, word of mouth, social media, cafe' walk-ins, advertising, or we meet at a networking event.

So far this year, we've provided food, medical equipment, furniture, clothing, financial help, housing placement, a compassionate ear, mom support, and a place to belong. Our services are open to all people in need and most are not on regular public assistance.

How do we do this? Community Blend depends on public support that comes through grants, private donors and cafe donations. Raising funds is an ongoing task. Our greatest need is for regular donors. We are blessed to have a few people who have set up automatic payments to CB either through our website or through their financial institution.

Another source of income are our dinner/show events that we run a few times a year. We always try to have a gift area where you can purchase quality items under retail value. This helps cover program costs, while providing an affordable community gathering opportunity.

We are pleased to invite you to the Community Blend Benefit Dinner on Sept 15, 2023. Follow the link for complete details and to register.

Welcome to Sue and Jeff Duffield - Music/Comedy and show opener Doug, Long, Jr. - Trumpeter.

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