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A Wonderful Start

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Good news abounds pushing us forward with glee.

Our February event, featuring the music and comedy of Sue Duffield, was a hit! We had 110 register with 80% of our guests coming in from the community. We told jokes and were mesmerized by the skill of Doug Long, Jr. as he played “Misty” and “Over the Rainbow” on his horns. How wonderful to hear laughter and glance over a sea of smiling faces. It’s evident that everyone is ready to gather and done with this “new normal.”

We plan to open on Wednesday, March 2, 2022. Our café is well staffed and serving specialty coffee and wholesome baked goods. We hope you will stop by and enjoy the atmosphere.

Good news abounds pushing us forward with glee. Over the past month we had our first request for help. Community Blend provided a crib, bed, all the accessories, and clothing to help re-establish a woman and her child. We purchased, delivered and assembled, leaving her with a sense of care and hope.

In addition, our first grant appeal was successful. We received what will be an ongoing grant from Pfizer. As we continue to apply and appeal for grants, we cherish your prayers and support for this mission.

Weekly and monthly programs are in progress including a daytime Bible study for women. In March several programs will begin/resume: A coed evening study, book club, discussion group, and no agenda coffee/tea times.

We are pleased at the progress thus far, and we know this is all from the hand of God. As we seek to serve the surrounding neighborhoods, our prayer is that you will spot Christ in us.

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