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Updated: May 15

Time races by and we try to keep up. Wasn't it just January? Yet here we are almost halfway through another year. This is a good time to assess our goals and make adjustments. That's what we've been doing at Community Blend. Last month we talked about a healthy work life balance. With summer approaching fast, nutrition and fitness come to mind. Incorporating both balance and health requires change. And it starts with us.

Our cafe hours have changed. We remain open on Wednesday-Friday from 9-2. But Saturdays we will open only for scheduled events. So keep informed through our News and Events pages.

A Look Around the Corner

Our central focus this summer:

Nutrition * Fitness * Balance * Mindfulness

  1. We begin with needed time off to vacation and rest. Thus our Saturday closings.

  2. 6F - Our Fabulous Fridays Potluck is on break until Oct.

  3. Ladies Bible Studies will finish in June and continue as Book Club for the summer held on Fridays only. This is a laid back discussion and gives our regular facilitators a break.

  4. Golf Outing at Architect's golf course | June 10 | There's still time to register. We are super excited for this event. In collaboration with WCHFH we have a special day planned with auction and raffle opportunities. If you don't golf, you can still attend to enjoy the day and prizes. Sign up for lunch only Architect's Golf Club offers a scenic respite. This is a great opportunity to kick off the summer with some relaxation and friends.

  5. Swing Dancing | June 15 | Saturday 10-11:30 AM | Refreshments provided | Fitness can be fun. Join us for this partner dance. Come solo or with a friend. Instructors: Jillian and Josh LaReddola

  6. Book Club | Fridays | Noon-2:00 | Begins July 5th | Welcome all | Title: Closer than a Sister

  7. June 24-29 cafe is closed for Vacation as The Chapel presents "Victory" Vacation Bible School.

  8. Line Dancing | July 13 | 10-11:30 AM | Join us for the third class presented by Bible and Boots

  9. Demystifying Funerals | July 20 | 10-11:30 | Ruthann Disotell will talk us through questions you didn't know you had. Join us for this informative session.

Stay Tuned

Plans are underway for an August Seminar including: Diet, Discipline, Discouragement, and Discipleship. Yup it's a mouthful, but jam packed with inspiration.

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