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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

I'm certain this year just began. Yet, in the blink of an eye, December is here and Christmas is upon us. Time moves fast. Making it especially important to stop ... and remember the special moments.

{The cafe' is closed beginning Dec 17, 2022 and will reopen Jan 4, 2023.}

For Community Blend, 2022 was filled with firsts:

  • We helped our first client in February, providing furniture and clothing; and we continued to help 19 more individuals or families. This doesn't include individuals that wander in for help and prayer. Most leave feeling better and hopeful about tomorrow.

  • The cafe' opened in March and since then we've seen a lot of growth. Regular volunteers are the heart of our mission. We've served 2,705 cups of coffee. And an additional 30 gallons at our programs.

  • We've run 10 special programs in a variety of areas and each one has been well attended.

  • We host agencies for meetings and special programs of their own.

  • Over 60 volunteers serve in a variety of different areas: the cafe', teaching classes, with program execution, cooking, baking, assembling and delivering furniture, vision, prayer, and helping with administrative tasks.

Knowing all our resources come from the hand of God, we in turn support other nonprofits through fundraisers or program support. A few include The Arc, Habitat, Care Net, Norwescap, Rossi, and Lee services.

We also have faithful supporters that keep Community Blend and their needs in prayer. And several that provide regular financial support.

This has been an incredible nine months. Just as giving birth results in a beautiful blessing, we are reaping the blessings of this outreach, birth pains and all. Our Christmas wish is to continue to grow, serve, and thrive in our community and yours.

We wish you a Merry and blessed Christmas.

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