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Spring Spaces and Upcoming Events

Birds, buds and blooms ... the signs of Spring are always a welcome sight. Although winter was mild, with Spring comes more light, beauty and new life. Who can resist that?

Community Blend also shines with new life. As networking events begin, (we participate in about 10), this gives us an opportunity to meet the community on their turf. We love to set up our Community Blend tent and serve coffee shots, give out lots of freebies, and hear about our neighbors.

We are developing a new program: The Community Blend Awareness Series. This is a series of Saturdays featuring programs to raise awareness of crisis areas in our community. Each program will include resources for more information and/or specialized help.

Program topics include:



Scam Prevention

Parenting Your Child's Developing Brain

Mental Wellness

Autism and Creativity

Beyond Abuse

As flowers begin to sprout and bushes perk up, my mind is on filling the spaces. I look forward to searching for plants and creating a lush garden that fills in the gaps. The beauty of nature in contrast to the harshness of our world, helps to keep us centered and balanced.

God knew what He was doing!

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