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Successes and Failures

Community Blend Inc. I smile to think how far we've come, but more so, where we will go. Only God knows, and we travel well together. Our growing nonprofit, established June 3, 2001, has completed six months operating the cafe', ten months running programs, and eight months helping people.

As a reminder, our nonprofit has many facets:

  • The cafe' - Here's what you'll find: Complimentary specialty coffee, other refreshments, books and music in a cozy, welcoming atmosphere; Group meetings, remote workplace, quiet reading, a listening ear, and prayer.

  • Programs - Weekly: Bible Studies, Discussion group, Fitness club, Crafters for Charity. Regular Event Speakers: educational, informative, uplifting and/or challenging sessions.

  • Mission - helping people from all walks of life, meeting financial, physical, social, and practical needs.

  • Networking - Establishing relationships with churches, individuals, social services, and other agencies to access qualified resources for our clientele.

  • Funding - Grants, gifts, regular donors, cafe' and program donations.

What have we accomplished: Victory so far.

  • An established cafe' and presence at networking events

  • Successful daily operations including processes and procedures to move us forward.

  • From weekly programs to one-time events, all are met by an enthusiastic and grateful crowd.

  • Assistance: we have provided furniture, clothing, household goods, food, repairs, medical equipment, financial assistance, Godly counsel, connections to resources, and friendships. Yes, we're seeing a family grow within our space, from all areas of our organization.

  • A dedicated family of volunteers for cafe', weekly groups, and networking events

What more could we need?

  • Regular funding

  • Stage two volunteers: Skilled in marketing, advertising, social media and technology.

We want to Level Up!

So we are asking for your help. Our one-time events are on hold until we gather a regular and dedicated group of stage two volunteers. We are growing and this is too much to handle well, without a team. So if you have the skills or know someone, please contact us.

We welcome opportunities to visit your agency or church to introduce Community Blend.

Prayer is the key and our foundation. So we cherish yours.

People serving people, building community, providing assistance, honoring God.

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