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Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Succulent turkey stuffed with savory dressing; cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, corn souffle’, the charcuterie board... pumpkin pie.

Is Your Mouth Watering Yet?

Thanksgiving is my favorite meal of the year. Getting together with the family, sharing stories and laughs, taking endless photos, all create memorable and satisfying times. But the sharing of gratitude is the most special part. We have a tradition in our family. We express what we are thankful for and read a Promise chosen from The Box.

The Promise Box is a childhood tradition that I carried forward into my own family. After every Sunday dinner or special holiday meal, with satisfied bellies and hearts filled with love, we would turn our attention expectingly to God’s Word.

Granny would pass around her little box that contained a scripture passage on each card. One by one, we would go around and read what we chose. Someone would comment on the passage or the reader would tell how it was meaningful to them. Inevitably, it stimulated Bible discussion that led to further study.

I cherished those times, and to this day, consider them the most meaningful of my youth. Why? Because we were in community. After the hustle of laying out the meal and thanking God for it, the excitement of the feast set in, where everybody talked at once. And we were a large family.

However, during Promises we listened attentively, looked into each other’s eyes, and gleaned some more about God and our family members. These were the quiet moments of reflection I fondly remember.

There were no cell phones or outside influences.

We were present with each other and God sat among us.

Over our front door was a sign that read:

Christ is the head of this household, the unseen guest at every meal,

the silent listener to every conversation.

During our family moments, His presence was clear.

May you have a blessed Thanksgiving, filled with the Spirit of God and presence of each other.

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