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The Waiting Period

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.

So, what’s happening with Community Blend? Our vision is alive and well as we gather information and support to press forward.

Waiting periods are difficult to manage when you are raring to go. I think of a horse behind the starting gate, anxious for release. The adrenaline is pumping and he can hardly wait to burst out of the gates. This best describes our team at Community Blend Inc. We envision a café, free from restrictive gates, gaining support as we share our vision to enhance the community.

Togetherness is the heartbeat of Community Blend. Blending our gifts and skills to move forward as an army, opposed to an individual. Not only does this benefit people in need, but also the team. We are blessed to be a branch, serving forth the purposes and mission of Christ.

Unlike the steed who is impatient to go, time spent behind the gate is valuable to us, teaching patience and allowing greater research. I’ve learned God’s timing is always the best. His vision is always bigger and brighter than we can shine.

So, as we wait, we ask for prayer.

  • For our best location: We have two options complete with pros and cons. One is within a contemporary church. The other is an independent location. Both require funds, but much more is needed for our independence. There’s a lesson in itself …

  • Support: We need partners. People who will give monthly to sustain our rent, supplies, bills, and program needs. We also cherish one-time donations to help us get up and running.

  • Volunteers: An army of people who share our vision to be the hands and feet of Christ, however that looks. People who will help us set-up the café and help to operate it. It takes an army.

  • Prayer partners: We have a strong team, but welcome anyone who will regularly lift our specific needs up in prayer.

  • Final correspondence from the IRS: It takes our state two – six months to complete the process. We don’t want to fall by the wayside due to Covid or any other immediate concern. We believe fellowship, communion and biblical learning is also an urgent need.

Our ask is that you will consider our requests and pray about how you can join us on this mission. Also pray we continue to use our waiting period well.

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