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Two Great Celebrations

It’s not easy losing a dear friend. But when you have the privilege of hosting her Celebration of Life and singing at her service, purpose takes a front seat to grief. In seven days, Community Blend held two major celebrations that were near and dear to our hearts. One was an ending and the other ... a beginning.

Both celebrations were received well, enjoyed by all, and served the community in a variety of ways. To say

we are pleased would be an understatement.

God is at work and His hand of blessing is undeniable. As we move forward, we pray for inspiration, humility, and keen eyes to help people who are in need. Our mission is clear: we are people serving people. We accomplish this through the dynamics of the café and the programs we run. Relationships are sprouting and people have found a true place to belong. Many wander in from the community, having seen our signs or heard about us from others.

Community Blend provides service opportunities in a full range of areas. Whatever the talent or gift, God provides a place for everyone to help. This camaraderie builds community and vests others in our mission. When passion meets purpose things get done. Through vision, inspiration, good management and dedication we will thrive. And with God at the helm, we are going places.

Come along for the ride. You can support us through prayer, giving, and sharing your gifts.

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