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Keys to Good Health and Wellness

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Join us for a morning workshop to build awareness of the issues we all encounter.

Anxiety and depression have been on the rise these past few years, and many are struggling to get through to a better side. Whether it's you, me, or our friend, we are not alone! This workshop will help us to understand and cope during difficult times. Welcome all!

August 6, 2022

9:00 - 1:30 p.m. Lunch included


Fred Jacoby, MA - Founder and Director of Foundations Counseling Services will provide both understanding and key steps that you can implement to grow through your struggles. Foundations currently has 20 offices throughout Eastern, PA, NY, and New Jersey.

8:30 - Coffee and light refreshments available

9 - 11:30 1. Wellness and Wholeness

2. Wellness through Spiritual Awareness (Anxiety & Depression)

3. Becoming A.W.A.R.E: The 5 Steps to Overcoming Wellness Obstacles

12:30 - Choose one last session or relax in the café.

1. Q&A with Fred Jacoby.

2. "Self-Awareness Through a Trauma Informed Lens" with Lorraine D'Sylva-Lee, President/CEO of LEE Services

3. “It’s Not All in Your Mind-Leaky Gut” with Dr. Leslie Meyer-Grimes

4. “Thought Ruts” with Jen Finkle BA/Certified peer counselor

Held at: Community Blend (Inside the Chapel next to the ReStore)

384 Rt. 57 Washington, NJ 07882

Registration: $20.

Online: pay via “Donate” tab

Or by phone: (908)758-5787

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