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Winter's Beauty, Fitness and more

Winter’s landscape casts the beauty of purity and brightness across the fields. Shadows from the trees stripe the snow, and in them is the footsteps of all the visitors that passed through the yard. A truly beautiful scene from the warmth of inside. The winds and harshness of cold steals my breath, making it less beautiful to experience. But I’m determined to make a snowman and enjoy the season while it’s here.

Cold is not my ideal climate, but seasons pass fast, and with each comes a uniqueness that must be enjoyed. God is clever and creative. One season cleanses, while the next ushers in new birth. What a picture of hope for our seasons of life. During this winter, and the groundhog says it will end early, may we enjoy each moment and take advantage of the variety God has provided.

Upcoming Events - Check us out!

Feb 24 | Swing Dancing | 10-11:30 |Don’t be afraid to come. This is beginner fun for all and part of our fitness series.  Bring a friend or find one here. Great coffee and community. JOIN US!

March 2 | Financial Planning and Aging Issues | 9:00-Noon | Come and bring your friends. Learn ways to steward your assets and legacy well. Breakfast is included.

March 8 | Fabulous Fridays | 6:00-8:30 PM | Women’s potluck and fellowship. Meet your community. Sign up here or at | Coordinator: Wells / Password: Comblend.

March 16 | 10-11:30 AM | Yikes! Spiders | Learn the truth about spiders and their contribution to nature. Conquer your fears. All ages welcome.

Ladies Bible Studies – March 22 we are OFF/ March 29th - potluck luncheon, 11:00 AM.

April 5 | 6-8:30 |Fabulous Fridays women’s potluck.

April 6 | 10-11:30 | Country Line Dancing, Becky Rader's Bible and Boots class. Learn the basics and dance like a pro.

April 20, 27, May 4 – ServSafe certification program. Check events for details.



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