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A Special Privilege

Community Blend has a special lunch date. We are hosting the students and staff of Lee Services for Pizza and a movie.

LEE Services provides learning enrichment experiences for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Through community service projects, individual skill building and creative expression, they provide unique opportunities that enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities.

Among these opportunities is a field trip to Community Blend where our guests will enjoy a tour of the facility, lunch, a movie, and recreation time. The movie is provided by Brian Shubert of the Vault for Youth:

After the fun, we’ll get down to the business of deciding how many.

How many what? Centerpieces!

In the heart of giving back, the students will make decorations for our upcoming Wellness Seminar.

Registration for our Wellness Seminar is open. This event will benefit all who attend. Our goals are to build awareness of Mental Health issues, find answers, and overcome obstacles. August 6, 2022, held at Community Blend, inside The Chapel. Registration link:

This is what we are all about.

“People serving people, building community, providing assistance, honoring God.”

Looking Ahead …

· June 30 - Pizza and a Movie

· July 23 – CB Table at Donaldson’s Farm Festival

· Summer – Blood Drive - date TBA

· August 6 – Wellness Check-In

· August 13 – Backpacks and Purses

· September 17 – CB table at Festival in the Borough

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